For more than four thousand years Shikkui Royal Japanese plaster has graced regal settings in Japan. Its beauty has long commanded the worlds respect and admiration.  The refined quality of traditional Shikkui plaster finishing, marks the dwellings of those at the summit of Japanese society.  In Japan Shikkui plaster is truly a symbol of tradition and a sign of status. 

Beyond its subtle beauty Shikkui creates an exquisite environment that is shaped by its unique blend of natural components.

The Japanese believe that Shikkui Royal Japanese plaster enhances the very spirit of those who use it. In traditional Shinto Buddhist belief the plasters almost have a life and spirit of their own, and its proper application can be an almost religious experience.

Early in Japanese history Shikkui Royal Japanese Plasters were considered so precious it was the province of the Japanese aristocracy.  It was a rare commodity that was only used in temples, castles, the homes of Samurai and Royal families. The liberation that accompanied the rise of the merchant class in Japan around the time of Admiral Perry’s visit to Japan brought new freedoms in the use of Shikkui and soon all important buildings in Japan were important enough to have Shikkui.    

The Japanese knew Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters provided the interiors and exteriors of their castles not only exquisite beauty but protection from fire and resistance to earthquake damage.

Made from some of the most natural and safe ingredients found on the earth, lime, jute fiber, eggshell and seaweed extracts, Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters change the very feel of the buildings they are installed on. Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters naturally absorb pollutants, and volatile organic compounds. They naturally control bacteria, fungi and molds; and they are naturally anti-static, reducing dust accumulation. There are even Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters that have unique qualities that naturally regulate humidity.

In the west we often look to “green products” so today most companies’ claim green product status but not all green ratings are equal.  One of the most rigorous green evaluation standards in the west is Cradle to Cradle certification. “Safe from cradle to grave” of course Shikkui Royal Japanese Plasters are Cradle to Cradle certified.  With most companies products we are concerned how much their product is affecting the environment. Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters are so safe that  when plaster is left over at the end of a installation, a client can grind up the remaining plaster to powder, sprinkle it on their lawn making the lawn healthier, that’s really green.