For more than four thousand years Shikkui Royal Japanese plaster has graced regal settings in Japan. Its beauty has long commanded the worlds respect and admiration.  The refined quality of traditional Shikkui plaster finishing, marks the dwellings of those at the summit of Japanese society.  In Japan Shikkui plaster is truly a symbol of tradition and a sign of status ...LEARN MORE ABOUT THE HISTORY


The Japanese knew Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters provided the interiors and exteriors of their castles not only exquisite beauty but protection from fire and resistance to earthquake damage.

Made from some of the most natural and safe ingredients found on the earth, lime, jute fiber, eggshell and seaweed extracts, Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters change the very feel of the buildings they are installed on. Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters naturally absorb pollutants, and volatile organic compounds. They naturally control bacteria, fungi and molds; and they are naturally anti-static, reducing dust accumulation. There are even Shikkui Royal Japanese plasters that have unique qualities that naturally regulate humidity ...CONTINUE READING