Naturally Beautiful Walls

The vision of Shikkui Plaster is to create natural beauty in interior environments for the benefit of personal health and the well-being of the planet.

We are committed to making life beautiful, naturally. As innovators in the green building movement, we envision ourselves growing within the greater building industry by providing healthy and sustainable wall coverings as a common alternative for healthier homes and businesses.

For us this means providing alternatives to conventional synthetic and plastic wall coverings with the introduction of natural materials that enrich spaces with organic colour and texture.

Our Plasters are an environmentally friendly alternative to cement and acrylic based coatings. Made of natural ingredients, our plasters are derived entirely of lime, aggregates and natural mineral pigments.

Our range of plasters can create a multitude of texture and colour on existing interior walls, and are able to fit into any architectural style and design aesthetic.

Our Philosophy

Shikkui is the core word that stands for our beliefs. Shikkui – traditional Japanese lime plaster made of natural and high quality components. We revived and improved the traditional technologies giving them a new life and innovative applications in new products. Shikkui is more than a brand name. It is our firm belief in a sustainable future, where beautiful and high quality products come directly from nature.

Shikkui is based on our following principles:

We Nurture Our Tradition

Since its foundation in 1924, our company has been engaged in further R&D of the traditional Japanese lime plaster technology, which had already been used and tested for over one thousand years. In 1964, we were the first to develop a pre-mixed lime plaster in Japan.

And now we combined the long history of Japanese Shikkui, the durable lime materials and techniques proven for centuries, with modern innovations to create our natural building materials.

We share the Japanese passion for quality and apply it throughout our entire production process to create beautiful, natural products that last.

We Keep Exploring Opportunities of Product Design

At Tagawa Sangyo we:

  • commit ourselves to continuous research and development of all products
  • offer flexibility in customized colors, textures and applications
  • work together with designers, artists and builders in finding new creative solutions

We Help To Create A Healthy Environment

Human well-being heavily depends on what surrounds us and the air we breathe. This is where the lime-based Shikkui products step in:

  • absorbs CO2, VOC gases and bad smells
  • naturally kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds due to high alkalinity
  • naturally anti-static, prevents dust accumulation

As a result, Shikkui products purify indoor air, are allergen-free and anti-bacterial, which brings in a wide scope of valuable applications both for private and public sectors.

We Understand And Follow The Principles Of Sustainability

All products have end life. The least damaging impact on the environment is achieved only by products that come from nature and can be safely returned back to it after human use. A closed loop. This is the core principle of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) - the methodology and certification developed by MBDC. Therefore, our C2C certified products are all natural, fully recyclable, with low energy in  production and low carbon footprint.